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About Us

The team behind Green Flag Recycling 

Joann Winner
Partner/New Business Development

Joann is the founding partner of Green Flag Recycling. The company was established in 2003 as a tool to help elementary schools in Las Vegas raise money. Green Flag first began performing Ink and Toner cartridge drives, and as technology evolved started cell phones drives. Today, Green Flag Recycling works nationwide with major hotels, casinos, theme parks, and cruise lines securely processing and paying for lost and found items. Joann supports the local Department of Human Services with her time and donations. She and her husband Steve are recent empty nesters and love to travel when they have free time.

Jerry Daniel
Partner/Jewelry Appraisal and Weapons Specialist

Jerry has been with Green Flag Recycling for several years. He manages our receiving department as well as our jewelry appraising and weapon processing. He brings 20+ years of jewelry appraisal experience to Green Flag Recycling. Jerry holds an FFL, so that our customers are able to ship weapons directly to our facility. Jerry is a gun and sports enthusiast. He spends free time supporting our local High School sports teams!

Ariel Lipski
Information Technology

Ariel is responsible for electronics containing private information. Smartphones/Cell phones, iPads, tablets, and laptops are processed by Ariel and his team. He has worked with Green Flag Recycling for the past 5+ years. Ariel has a degree in Information Technology from the University of Houston and is extremely aware of the importance of secure processing. When he is not working, Ariel can be found deep sea fishing or dining on gourmet meals prepared by his lovely wife Debi.

Jacob Kiniry
Information Technology

Jacob has been a great addition to Green Flag Recycling. He is tasked with recycling cameras/video players, Kindles, Game Boy/Nintendo handheld games and a variety of miscellaneous electronics. His number one task is to erase information and remove sim cards before these items are sold on the open market. His keen sense of humor keeps us laughing. Jacob and his wife are proud parents of three little girls, who keep them quite busy!

Rachel Winner
Administrative Assistant

Rachel is founder Joann’s daughter and has gotten to see the company’s journey since its origins in Nevada. They are currently employed by the Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia and are passionate about green solutions for the modern world. They love living in Philadelphia and are excited to help with Green Flag’s administrative duties as it continues to grow and adapt.

Tim Winner
Media Specialist

Tim is founder Joann’s son, and also works at a local news station located in Oklahoma city. He helps Green Flag Recycling by editing our website and editing videos for our LinkedIn. He graduated from OU with a degree in Film and Media studies.