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Green Flag Recycling is proud to be partnered with BOUNTE

BOUNTE™ is a cloud-based technology that delivers a convenient, fast and reliable method for returning lost items.
BOUNTE Protect stores items in a sealable BOUNTE bag with an individualized barcode for tracking, giving hotels a way to assure guests that enhanced low-touch and cleanliness standards related to COVID-19 are applied to personal property left behind.
Better CX
The BOUNTE app eliminates staff frustration and operational inefficiencies tied to a manual, pen and paper-based lost and found while greatly enhancing the customer experience.
Highly Scalable
Trusted by some of the world’s most well-known hotel brands, the BOUNTE smartphone app automates and streamlines lost and found operations with artificial intelligence and
geo-location technology.
The BOUNTE app is a great fit for airports, airlines, hotels, casinos, convention centers, car rental companies, ridesharing services, commuter rail or buses, stadiums, ballparks, theaters – plus hospitals or schools — any venue can benefit from the highly scalable BOUNTE.