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Executive Summary

Who we are and what we do

Thank you for your interest in Green Flag Recycling.

We are proud to be the industry leader in certified secure lost and found liquidation since 2003. Our primary focus is limiting your property’s liability by securely processing, recycling and liquidating consumer electronics and jewelry that remain unclaimed in your lost and found department. Many of the items that we liquidate have significant value in secondary markets but the protection of your customer’s private information is our first concern. After the memory is flashed, erased or destroyed, our unique circle of vendors pays top dollar for these items allowing us in return to pay top dollar directly to your property, foundation or a charity of your choice.

Why You Should Securely Liquidate Your Lost And Found Items

Liability! The processing and storage revolution in personal electronics allows your customers to carry personal information that a decade ago would have filled several file cabinets and photo albums. A smartphone, digital camera or laptop that ends up in your lost and found department may contain personal files that can be debilitating a business, violate HEPA laws, scandalize a family or empty a bank account. Properties routinely donate these items to charities who have no experience in information security. Items pass from location to location with no paper trail only to end up on an online auction or in a thrift store—still containing your customer’s emails, bank accounts, and photos/videos.

How It Works

When your property’s Lost and Found department is ready to liquidate items, Green Flag Recycling will come and assist your employees in preparing items for shipping or provide prepaid shipping labels with the carrier of your choice. Items arrive at our processing center for initial sorting, testing, memory flashing and liquidation to our vendors. We typically mail your check within four weeks. We provide a paper trail for all of your lost and found items to satisfy your department’s chain of custody requirements. Phones, iPads, laptop computers are flashed to remove all data and Sim cards are removed and destroyed, so nothing remains before the items are sent to our vendors. At Green Flag Recycling we are very proud of our successful track record of no security breaches in the 13 years that we have been providing our nationwide services. We have processed tens of thousands of phones, cameras, and laptops during this time.

How Much Do We Pay For Your Unclaimed Items?

Every item is unique. Many are locked to the cloud or reported as “lost or stolen” and have no value because they cannot be reactivated. Green Flag Recycling has assembled a circle of vendors that specialize exactly in this type of product for re-manufacturer’s parts. The majority of cell phones we process are shipped internationally for parts after all information is erased and the units are set to the original factory settings. We also pay top dollar for fine jewelry. The bottom line: more money goes to your property and your customer’s information remains secure.

Other Services We Provide

We know it is difficult for some groups to come to your facility to pick up glasses for donation. We encourage our clients to include eye/sunglasses in their shipments so that they may be donated to the Lions Club. Costume jewelry, purses, wallets that have no value are all donated to a well-deserving non-profit organization. When approached with unique items of no resale value, we work to pair them with a fitting charity or the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.