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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to sign a contract?

NO! Green Flag recycling has never required contracts. Our goal is to provide your property with the highest level of customer service we possibly can, so you will WANT to continue to work with us, not be required to!

Is Green Flag Recycling a Nonprofit

No, we are an LLC established in 2003. This affords more flexibility in how we pay our clients. Typically, the companies that we work with donate the proceeds from the unclaimed lost and found items to the charity of their choice.

Can You recommend a Military Charity

YES! As a former military wife, Joann, founder of Green Flag, knows the importance of sending our soldiers care packages. Operation Gratitude is a great non-profit that has donated close to 2 million packages to date! Contact us today and ask us how to participate.

Where is Green Flag Recycling Located?

Our offices are located in Carlton Landing, OK on Lake Eufaula. We were established in 2003 in Henderson, NV.

Does it Cost Anything to Participate

NO. We will email your property prepaid FedEx or USPS Flat Rate Priority shipping labels depending on their preference