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True Stories

Have you ever thought about the REAL dangers of losing a cell phone?



Real Risks

We have provided a few examples of true stories about lost phones and their owners. It can happen to anyone; the consequences are real and potentially very steep.

In a Thrift Store

In A Thrift Store
Dave Checketts was president and general manager of the NBA’s Utah Jazz from 1984 to 1990. He has also been president of the Madison Square Garden Corporation, president of the New York Knicks, and vice president for development at the NBA. Around ten years ago, he lost his Blackberry. Just last month, a man bought an old cell phone in a thrift store in Provo, Utah, for 50 cents.

In a Bar

An Apple engineer left an iPhone G4 prototype at a bar, where it was picked up by someone else who sold it to Gizmodo, which blogged about its features way before Apple intended. Now police are investigating and seized computers belonging to Gizmodo editor Jason Chen.

In a Restaurant

Celebrity Loses Phone
Jimmy Buffett lost his cellphone while at Brisa Atlantica, a Cuban restaurant in Delray Beach, Florida. The phone was found by busboy Jason Martin (pictured right) at the restaurant, who took it home and kept it for a week despite Buffett’s pleas for its return and offers of a $200 reward.

The Sony Ericsson phone contained high profile celebrities’ phone numbers, including former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, musicians George Strait, Alan Jackson, and Clint Black, and other famous figures like George Clooney, Al Gore, Bill Gates, and Harrison Ford.